Won Deal Custom Illustrations


In 2017, we released a new feature called Customer Management that was designed to help manage the post-sales process. As part of that feature we introduced a new modal that would display whenever a user would win a deal. When we released the feature the modal was very simple and straight to the point. Ultimately, the point of this modal was to get the user to convert the company associated to the won deal into a customer. As I considered the user flow, this modal will only display when the user had won a deal or earned money for themselves or their company. That’s a big deal! I felt that the modal we were displaying the moment they won a deal didn’t represent the excitement they should have during that experience. My hypothesis was that if we could celebrate this moment, the ‘excited user’ would be more likely to interact with the modal and therefore gain more interaction with our new customer management feature.

As I pitched this hypothesis to the product team everyone got very excited. All sorts of ideas were being thrown out that included words like, “Cash cannon”, “Confetti” and “Fireworks”. I was given the task of designing what this more engaging experience could look like.

Based on the constraints I had, I sadly could not include “Cash cannon” in my final designs. What I did end up designing was a more engaging modal that would display 7 custom illustrations and corresponding tag lines. The idea would be that when a user won a deal, 1 of the 7 modals I designed would display. By not seeing the same modal each and every time this would keep the process of winning a deal fresh and exciting. For the illustrations themselves I tried to capture a variety of images that coincided with the idea of winning, scoring, or celebrating. I then came up with tag lines to match

I designed and created all 7 custom illustrations myself.